January Opportunities

Africa and the Middle East 


  • Asia Center Winter Research Grants: Support for students conducting research over the winter recess that looks at two or more countries of East, South, and Southeast Asia comparatively or explores the relations among Asian countries. Deadline October 11, 2019. Apply via CARAT.

  • SAI Research Grants: Support for students pursuing field research related to a thesis conducted in January or summer. Apply via CARAT.

  • SAI Language Study Grants: Support for students pursuing intensive study of a South Asian language in January or summer. Apply via CARAT.

Europe and Central Asia 

  • Goldman Undergraduate Internship Grants: Up to $5,000 to offset expenses related to unpaid (or low-paying) internships in Russia, Eastern Europe, or Central Asia with priority given to internships in nonprofits and public service. Apply via CARAT.

  • Patterson Traveling Fellowship to Italy: $2,000 to fund summer or holiday travel to Italy. Students with no experience traveling to Italy are encouraged to apply.

Latin America and the Caribbean 

Multiple International Locations 

  • Artist Development Fellowships: Up to $7,000 to support student development in the practice of the arts. Contact the Office for the Arts for more information.

  • Booth Fund Fellowships: Up to $15,000 to support current seniors traveling to a country or countries related to the recipients field of interest

  • Harvard College Research Program: $1,000 during term time and between $500 and $4,000 during the summer to support student-initiated, independent scholarly research or creative endeavors in close collaboration with a Harvard faculty mentor 

  • Kenneth I. Juster Fellowships for Undergraduate Research and Travel: varying levels of support for undergraduate field research or field experience in international relations, international trade and economic affairs, international development, international negotiation and dispute resolution, and global governance and affairs