The Harvard Summer School offers multiple summer study abroad programs in the region every year. Please refer to the HSS website for a full listing. You can view a list of pre-approved non-Harvard summer study abroad programs at the OIE website. Funding for both sets of programs is available through the Office of Career Services


Multi-Country/Comparative Projects

  • Asia Center Undergraduate Summer Research Grants: Provides support for research during the summer on projects that look at the countries of East, South, and Southeast Asia comparatively or explore the relations among Asian countries
  • Luce Scholars Program in Asia: Provides a monthly stipend and travel/insurance expenses for US citizens under 30 to pursue immersed living and working experiences in Asia
  • Princeton In Asia: This is a year long fellowship that sponsors 150 fellowships and internships in 21 countries for annually to provide transformative service-oriented experiences (recent graduates from North American Universities eligible)





South Asia

Southeast Asia

  • Asia Center Philippines Fund
  • Jeffrey Cheah Travel Fund (Malaysia)
  • Thai Studies Fund
  • Vietnam Program at HKS: $4,000 in IOP support for internship at the Fulbright School in Ho Chi Minh
  • William E. Braden 1941 Travel Fund