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Asia Center

The Orrick Fellows Program for the Study of the China/Africa Relationship

Funding for research projects on legal, governmental, and economic relationships between China and Africa

Winter 2019 - Nov 5, 2018


Summer 2019 - Apr 1, 2019


Asia Center Undergraduate Summer Research Grants

Research or language study funding

February 4, 2019

Center for African Studies

January Term Research Grants

Winter Research Funding

October 29, 2018


Summer Grants

Funding for thesis research, volunteer programs, internships, or study abroad

February 13, 2019


Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Summer Language Funding

February 15, 2019

Center for European Studies

Summer Internships

Pre-organized CES Internships

Application opens in November, deadline TBA


Stanley H. Hoffmann Undergraduate Travel and Research Fund

Thesis research or internship funding related to social studies, government, history, literature, or French studies




RCC Grant for Undergraduate Internships and Research in Spain

Thesis research or internship funding

January 30, 2019

Center for Middle Eastern Studies

A.J. Meyer Fellowship


Arabic summer language study funding

February 23, 2019



Arabian Peninsula Research Travel Grants

Winter and summer research funding

Wintersession - October 30, 2018


Summer - February 23, 2019


Rosovsky Fellowship

Winter and summer research and field work funding in Israel

Wintersession - October 30, 2018


Summer - February 23, 2019


Winter Term in Turkey

Group study excursion

October 30, 2019



Tunisia Winter Term Study Excursion

Group study excursion

November 9, 2019

China Fund/Fairbank Center

Harvard China Student Internship Program

Internship Program

January 17, 2019


Summer Chinese Language Grants

Language Funding

Early February 2019 (TBA)


Taiwan Study Grants

Taiwan study and research funding

Spring 2019 - January 15, 2019




Jeffrey Gu Memorial Fund

Funding for the study of Chinese language and culture in Taiwan

March 1, 2019

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

Summer Travel Research Grants

Research funding

February 7, 2019


J-Term Internships

Winter internship opportunities

Now Closed - Check back early next fall


Summer Internship Programs (SIP)

Internship opportunities

February 11, 2019


Study Abroad at Colegio de Mexico

Summer study abroad

February 11, 2019


Health and Spanish Immersion Program

Summer Internship opportunity

February 11, 2019


IOP Director’s Internships

Summer Internship opportunity

February 11, 2019


Harvard Business School Latin America Research Center Internships

Summer Internship opportunity

February 11, 2019

Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies

Goldman Undergraduate Research Travel Grants

Research funding

February 9, 2019


Goldman Undergraduate Internship Grants

Internship funding

February 9, 2019

Global Health Institute

International Summer Undergraduate Research in Global Health


Research position  Available in several countries

February 3, 2019


Funding for Independent Projects and Internships

Flexible support for independent projects

February 3, 2019


Cordeiro Summer Research Fellowship

Research support

March 5, 2019


April 9, 2019



Joey Hanzich Memorial Fellowship

Summer internship, project, or research funding

March 5, 2019

Harvard Summer School

Summer Study Abroad Programs in Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa, Chile, Peru, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, England, Czech Republic, Georgia, and Croatia

Study Abroad

January 31, 2019


Study Abroad in China

Study Abroad

January 24, 2019

Office for the Arts

Artistic Development Fellowship

International research or development in art fields

February 7, 2019

Office of Career Services

Harvard Summer School Funding

Study Abroad Funding

January 25, 2019


Non-Harvard Summer Study Abroad Funding

Study Abroad Funding

February 7, 2019


Independent Internship and Volunteer Funding

Internship Funding

February 7, 2019


Non-Harvard International Programs

Volunteer Funding

February 7, 2019

Korea Institute

Korea Institute Scholarships for the Harvard Summer School-Korea Program

Summer School Funding

January 31, 2019



Korea Institute Summer Research Travel Grants

Research Funding

February 4, 2019



Harvard College Korea Summer Internship Program (Undergraduate)

Internship Opportunity

February 4, 2019



Korea Institute Scholarship to attend SNU International Summer Institute

Full Summer Study Abroad funding

February 4, 2019

Lakshmi Mittal South Asia Institute

Internship Grants

Summer Funding

February 8, 2019


Language Study Grants

Summer Language Funding

February 8, 2019


Research Grants

Summer Research Funding

February 8, 2019


South Asia and the Arts Travel Fund

Funding for research that advances the understanding of social, political, cultural, and economic issues of the world through South Asian art

Rolling Deadline

Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies

Japanese Summer Internship Program

Internship Opportunity

January 7, 2019


Japan Summer Science Research Program

Independent Scientific Research w/ Support

Early Decision - Dec 5, 2019


Regular Decision - Jan 7, 2019


Summer Japanese Study Language Grant

Language Funding

February 4, 2019


Henry Rosovsky Summer Research Travel Grant

Research Funding

February 4, 2019

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)

Collaborative Field Program in Lima, Peru

J-term opportunity

October 29, 2019

Villa I Tatti

Summer Internship Program

Internship opportunity and funding


Weatherhead Center

Canada Program Undergraduate Thesis Research Grants

Research funding

Early February 2019 (TBA)



Grants for Independent Projects for Undergraduates

Summer internship, study, research, or service funding

February 1, 2019


Kenneth I. Juster Fellowships for Undergraduate Research and Travel

Funding for research or field experience in the areas of international relations

Check back early next fall



WIGi Undergraduate Senior Thesis Research Grants

Funding for research in study of gender inequality

April 4, 2019



Summer Travel Grants and the Undergraduate Associates Program

Summer research funding

February 18, 2019



Participatory Research Internships in France

Internship Opportunity

February 18, 2019