Summer Study Abroad

Students interested in studying abroad during the summer should begin by exploring resources available at the Office of International Education (OIE) as well as the Harvard Summer School

Harvard Summer School programs are led by Harvard faculty. The Harvard Summer School Policies and FAQs are a great starting point for students interested in a Harvard Summer School experience. 

The OIE helps facilitate participation in programs run by other institutions. A list of pre-approved non-Harvard summer programs is available here. Once students have narrowed down their program choices, students should carefully review the OIE summer application process, apply directly to the program or foreign institution for admission, and apply to the OIE for transfer credit. 

Forum Boario, Rome

Funding Summer Study Abroad
The Office of Career Services (OCS) offers funding for summer study abroad at Harvard and funding for summer studies at non-Harvard programs. The OCS deadlines and policies for these two categories of summer study abroad differ. Please refer to the OCS website for more detailed information.

Note also that the Harvard Summer School funding deadline falls at the end of January, and is part of a unique funding process that is separate from general summer funding. 

Term-time financial aid does not carry over to the summer. However, low-interest loans up to $10,000 are available to students that receive aid during the academic year. For more information on these loans, contact the Griffin Financial Aid Office