Study Abroad During Fall or Spring

Students interested in studying abroad during the fall or spring should explore resources available at the Office of International Education (OIE). The OIE's Frequently Asked Questions are a good starting point for learning about eligibility, financial aid, and other funding opportunities for term-time studies outside of the United States. 

Once students have perused the OIE's list of pre-approved term-time programs and narrowed down their choices, students should carefully review the application process, apply directly to the program or foreign institution for admission, and apply to the OIE for transfer credit. 

Funding Term-Time Study Abroad
The Griffin Financial Aid Office works closely with the OIE to provide assistance for term-time study abroad. Students should complete and submit the Study Abroad Supplement in the term prior to their semester abroad. Please see the Griffin Financial Aid Office website for details regarding deadlines and how aid works.